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Format verification

Channel numbers are shown in Decimal. Users should note that 
telemetry channels for systems or modules that are not powered at the 
time of the telemetry frame might contain invalid data. The analog 
signals will be floated in an unpowered state and will give invalid 
data. Often a raw value of 0, 2048, or 4095 can be seen when in this 
condition. The unpowered telemetry channel may also tend to follow 
the powered channel that before it.

    Channel 0 - TX A Power: UHF Transmitter A Output Power level. 
Units are in watts.

    Channel 1 - TX B Power: UHF Transmitter B Output Power level. 
Units are in watts.

    Channel 2 - Torque Rod Capacitor Voltage: Voltage of the main 
capacitor in the torque rod subsystem. Units are volts.

    Note: The battery voltages are for the group of battery cells 
indicated. Values can be subtracted to get the voltage of an 
individual cell.

    Channel 3 - Battery Voltage: Voltage of the entire string of 6 
battery cells. Units are volts.

    Channel 4 - Cell 5 Voltage: Voltage of the first 5 battery cells. 
Units are volts
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