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Re: AO-51 schedule page update

>There is a fresh update to the AO-51 Control Team page 
>on the AMSAT website.  Anyone that uses the satellite should 
>take a look at :  http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ControlTeam.php

I applaud the great care that is taken in keeping that
WEB site up-to-date with all the latest happenigns on AO-51,
but I also want to see special announcements HERE on
the AMSAT-BB which is why I am subscribed here.

There is a huge difference and the key word in the initial 
email is "anyone that "uses" [AO51]" .  Meaning, those
of us who dont "use" the FM transponder on a daily
basis nor check the web page on a dialy basis are then
"not users" and have no interest.

Nothing can be further from reality.  "Most" of us on the
AMSAT-BB are NOT routine users of AO-51 (physically
impossible on an FM bird) but "most" of us *are* interested
in experiments and special activities.  Thus we expect to
see announcemnets of interest here on the Amsat-bb
that may contain somethign that we will be interested in.

Rather than expecting all 4000 of us to check the AO-51
page every day, it would be more efficient if these
weekliy postings of AO-51 experiments were also posted
here on the BB.

And not burried in a 10 page ANS file either.

Simple 3 line announcemnts with an applicable subject line
of the type of experiment or what might be going on and a 
link to find more is the best
 for us readers...

I have totally missed many exciting and interesting AO-51
experiments simply because I dont have the time to 
check the WEB page every few days.. 

Just my 2 cents.
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