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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2004 #499

Hi David,

>There isn't a problem making the hardware..........Bob had a transponder
>half built at the time he was bounced off the launch.
>The problem is negotiating permission to fly on the launch vehicle. You
>still have to convince the agency that your hardware is not going to
>1) fall to pieces on launch and damage other million dollar  satellites
>2) Explode because you've not tested it in a vacuum
>3) switch on and cause a malfunction to the launcher's comms (EMC)
>Getting these things tested costs 10 times the transponder costs.
>Your offers to build a transponder, while being very kind, do not solve the
>problem. Now, if you could talk to the launch agencies and get a  
>Being this simplistic demonstrates a complete lack of experience and

>From experience I know it can be as simplistic as I wrote.
There are many differences in launch agencies, and the problem is more 

A payload can easily be checked if it will fall apart, cause problems in 
vaccuum and for EMC.
There are standard rules for designing payloads, and profesional engineers 
often can say it is OK or not by just looking to the design, without even 
really testing it.

The reason why they want so much testing is more to avoid us (hams with 
their CB radios, what they think). Maybe its time to make our own ATV 
broadcast satellite to show the world who we really are hi hi hi...

In the mean time I will go on with building transponders and get them 
somehow working as a satellite payload.

73 de PE1RAH,
William Leijenaar

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