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Re: Delta 4 Heavy going up pretty empty?


I just looked at the given webpage for the Delta 4 Heavy launch.

I just wondering how you would like to make this satellite in such short 
time ?
Making such an idea takes many time, and lots of money.

Better use KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) technology for such oppertunities.
Just make a small payload and keep it waiting on the shelf. When the next 
oppertunity comes you just pick it of the shelf and "throw it in their (the 
rocket company) hands" :o)

A simple transponder in a metal box and a small antenna would be enough to 
be attached on this DemoSat. When a lineair transponder is out of financial 
or technical reach a FM transponder could be made in a couple of weeks, and 
in small size. There must be always some space left to attach a small 
"piggy-backing" payload. Even on the big 3M$ primary satellite .o)

Its maybe a good idea for AMSAT-International to be prepaired for the next 
I am already working on a lineair transponder that will be available of my 
At the moment I have some more priority to other payloads, but it will 

73 de PE1RAH, William

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