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Luc, I've asked you twice in private e-mail to stop posting my private 
replies to you that were sent off-list -- back to the list.

Now I'm asking a third time ON-list:  Stop it.

I had a question about Delta 4 Heavy's payload. 

Bob MORE than answered it and provided useful information.  I thanked 
Bob and defended him off-list in response to your questions.

If you have some kind of beef with how AMSAT is run, I do not wish to be 
associated with you or your complaints or whatever political motivation 
you have.  You can start your own discussion threads for whatever topics 
you apparently wish to discuss with someone.  I'm not interested.

Many heartfelt thanks to those launching the birds and thanks again to 
Bob (and Alan too) for the information about the Delta 4 Heavy payload.  
I'm sorry Luc took it as an opportunity to bring up his agenda again... 
whatever it is.

Nate WY0X
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