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RE: Delta 4 Heavy going up pretty empty?

>>> "Luc Leblanc VE2DWE" <luclebla@sorel-tracy.qc.ca> 12/13/04 2:37:56
PM >>>
>AMSAT... hams .... are not idiots to a point to not again 
>understand that AMSAT never openly  mentionnned this 
>launch opportunity even if as someone says  "AMSAT 
>BOD was fully informed of the project and gave us their support"!
>Why they don't jump more on this?

Because it takes rockets and delicate people contacts 
to launch payloads, not hot air.

>As the year end come it seems the next era will be full of  
>"MISSED OPORTUNITIES".  While we will be seated we 
>will  see a lot of Borg cubes launched even empty hot air 
>space suits will  fly over us.

Again, its not what "they (AMSAT)" does, it is what we
all as individuals do.  If anyone hears of an opportunity
(not just a rumor and no point-of-contact) they should
put some time into digging out the needed contact info 
and doing all the leg work and background work instead
of just firring off an email in 30 seconds and then  expecting 
someone else ("AMSAT" volunteeers) to do all the work..

If one hears of an opportunity, they should persue it
as far as they can befor dumping it on somone else.
unless of course they can find someone to do the work
for them....

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