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RE: Delta 4 Heavy going up pretty empty?

On 13 Dec 2004 at 7:56, Bill Ress wrote:

 The "ham on
> the street" just doesn't appreciate or understand the work required to
> satisfy the DOD requirements. And overall, while at times frustrating, they
> have good reasons for conducting business as they do.

In a way to make the "ham on the street" understand we should try to 
inform him in the first place. If the launch of a half payload is 
justified by  "they have good reasons for conducting business as they 
do."I understand the "ham on the street" can have some problem when 
its time to "appreciate"...

The only one way to make them appreciate more is to called them "ham 
on the street" and ask them afterward to send their special 35th 
anniversary contribution to AMSAT NA...

Just to remind some AMSAT is mainly funded by a bunch of hams on the 
streets who doesn't appreciate or understand but they are not idiot 
to a point to not again understand that AMSAT never openly 
mentionnned this launch opportunity even if as someone says  "AMSAT 
BOD was fully informed of the project and gave us their support"!

Why they don't jump more on this?

As the year end come it seems the next era will be full of  "MISSED 
OPORTUNITIES" As the AO-40 saga was. While we will be seated we will 
see a lot of Borg cubes launched even empty hot air space suits will 
fly over us.

Always on the same subject...When i read Richard M. Hambly October 25 
letter i "understand" the BOD is developping a strategic plan for the 
next 35 years. Fine but i have hard time trying to understand why we 
systematicly missed our short term goals? I'm still awaiting the 2004 
audited financial statements!

I understand also as per the letter thay "a key element of that plan 
is assisting AMSAT-DL with their upcoming P3E project who will be an 
important part of our 24/7 goal" 

Logically speaking can we say those few lines tell more than the rest 
of the text? Probably yes because IRS 501 (c) (3) is not applicable 
here in Canada as anywhere else in the world.

As a suggestion could be a Canadian incorporated charitable chapter 
can also make Canadian donations tax-deductible?

I will shared with you later some of my mixed feelings on the 
"wonderfull ARISS school contacts" as written in the President

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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Sorel-Tracy QC.
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