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RE: Delta 4 Heavy going up pretty empty?

>I was aware of some effort to work with DOD on getting a 
>payload on board but didn't know how extensive your efforts 

What is amazing is that in 2005, we will fly 4 small satellites 
for DOD but operating as Amateur Satellites.  And I see no 
reason why we cant do more.  Problem is that 3 of them all 
go up on one mission and that mission is at such a low altitude 
that those three wont even last 6 months.  And the forth one
is to be brought back after only a year in space (but the
first AMSAT to return to earth still working)...

Clearly getting long-term amateur satellites to orbit via the 
Space  Shuttle is not the way to go...  but one takes what
one gets:


de Wb4APR, Bob
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