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Delta 4 Heavy going up pretty empty?

Curiosity killed the cat...

I was reading that the upcoming first Delta 4 Heavy launch (scrubbed 
Saturday -- awaiting a new launch date) is mainly going to launch a fake 
communications satellite (DemoSat) which according to the article is 
only about half-a-payload for that big bird.  There's also two 
Nanosat-2's flying along, it appears.

I understand new, untested launch vehicles are not always the smartest 
bet to be riding aboard (i.e. certainly Arianne V's first attempts were 
rather spectacular), but it doesn't sound like AMSAT has anything riding 
along on this Delta launch that's virtually going up "empty".

Seems like a waste somehow - but I'm not a rocket scientist.  Anyone in 
the know have some good info on why AMSAT's not at least sending 
*something* up on this flight?  Sure "seems" to an outsider like a way 
to get some cheap heavy-lift capabilities.

Bad timing?  Bad logistics?  Unlucky and not in the loop?  Limitations 
imposed by Boeing/DoD/whatever?  Just not a good risk?  Nothing ready to 
fly?  Fear of heights?  ;-) (GRIN)

Nate WY0X
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