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Re: Fw: New SuitSat Project !!


I just read:

>In order to complete the above project an urgent  request  is hereby
>made for a donation or offer to sell the TASCO TSC-70.  A minimum of 5 
>units are needed.  One unit  has thus far been donated.  Actually 6 total
>units are desired for testing, safety approval, spares, etc.

A minimum of 5 units, sounds very much for me for just a simple SSTV unit, 
and for a short time mission like this SuitSat project.

How they done it with AO40 ? They also made 5 of them ???
Then there must be 4 left for launching it as replacement for the lost AO40 

Then I think most of the pictures will be dark space, as there is no 
attitude control of the SuitSat.
Maybe ATV would be a more simple, easier and efficient way. In electronical 
way to make it and also for the receiver side to have at least some small 
shots of the earth.

But the idea of SSTV is better than having an empty SuitSat :o)
Maybe some idea to make some hardware ready for the next SuitSat :o)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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