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Minimum Rotator Requirements for 10 ft Grid dish.

I am interested in turning a 10 foot TVRO mesh dish for satellite 
operations, Specifically the dish is a Channel Master Mirage X model 
6363M with 5/32" Ku-Mesh. F/D 0.4 and 48" focal length. The pipe mount 
is 3.5" OD. Unfortunately the specs don't offer anything in the way of 

I intend to mount this on a short tower with a thrust bearing and rotator shelf and use a standard azimuth rotator to turn it through 360 degrees. Elevation will be accomplished with a jack screw.

Can anyone provide me with calcs or guidlelines to determine what type of standard rotator might be suitable for turining this antenna? I found a similar project originally conceived by KD5RO and published in the 1989 Microwave Update and a later ARRL publication. KD5RO used a prop pitch rotator. I am wondering what off the shelf rotators (Yaesu, Hygain etc) would be suitable for turning this dish. Obviously I neither want to over or under engineer this application because either way I will spend too much money.


Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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