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Fw: New SuitSat Project !!

Hello All,

     I wish to call your attention to an exciting new project and would also
 like to ask for your help in locating an urgently needed piece of
 electronic equipment.

     A small group of us involving  the AMSAT, ARISS and NASA Organizations
 underway with a new Amateur Radio Project named SuitSat.  It is an idea
 was originated by Sergej Samburov, RV3DR,  Russian ARISS Member and also
 Chief of the Cosmonaut Amateur Radio Dept  in Korolev, Russia.

      There is an obsolete Orlon Russian Space Suit aboard the International
 Space Station (ISS).  This suit was slated to be discarded into space.
 Sergej suggested
 that  the suit be equipped with electronics for a functional  data
 which would include a Slow Scan TV System (SSTV)   This  space suit will be
 launched into orbit during a space walk by the ISS Crew.

    This project has a very short completion schedule.  Several of us are
 presently underway putting together a prototype SSTV System for the
 The prototype is scheduled for completion in January, 2005. Testing and
 final approval is scheduled for April, 2005 with a tentative launch in
 August, 2005.

     For the SSTV system we are planning to use a stand alone hardware
 package, the TASCO TSC-70 scanner.  A camera  in the helmet will feed
video to the TSC-70 and it will be programmed to activate a transmitter also
 inside the space suit.

     It is hoped to get pictures of  the ISS as this satellite departs.  As
 satellite drifts from the ISS,  Earth pictures from approximately 230 miles
 altitude will be transmitted to anyone of us around the world who have any
 of the many available, conventional analog  SSTV receiving programs.

     In order to complete the above project an urgent  request  is hereby
 for a donation or offer to sell the TASCO TSC-70.  A minimum of 5 TASCO
 units are needed.  One unit  has thus far been donated.  Actually 6 total
 units are desired for testing, safety approval, spares, etc.

     I would be most  pleased to hear from anyone who has a TASCO TSC-70 to
 donate or offer for sale.  Thanks very much for your consideration to be a
 part of this project.

 Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
 6686 Hitching Post Lane
 Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
 Tel:  513-231-6732
 E-M: fwinder@fuse.net
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