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RE: AMSATs help SSETI with radio :)

Hi William

> >The original SSETI Express project's S band team were experiencing
> >difficulties resourcing all of the S band requirements, and so AMSAT-UK
> >agreed to help out.
> It gives me pain in my eyes to ready this. One of the most important
> of a satellite is the radio communication, and they (incl. ESA ?) can not
> get it working, and fiinally hams have to help.

Although funded by ESA, it is essential to understand that SSETI projects
are almost entirely managed and designed by the students themselves.
Deliberately, there is very little ESA resource, or how would it be
educational? Also remember that SSETI Express is not revenue earning for ESA
(it cannot be if it is in the amateur-satellite service), and so funds and
resources are inevitably going to be limited for these projects.

> Even when they are students, they must be able to get it working somehow.
> They should find sources to fix the problems

They did - AMSAT-UK! Not only did SSETI Express get their S band downlink,
but Hams get a new FM transponder. Difficult to see a downside IMHO ;-)

73, Howard G6LVB
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