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AMSATs help SSETI with radio :)

Hi  Howard long,

>The original SSETI Express project's S band team were experiencing
>difficulties resourcing all of the S band requirements, and so AMSAT-UK
>agreed to help out.

It gives me pain in my eyes to ready this. One of the most important things 
of a satellite is the radio communication, and they (incl. ESA ?) can not 
get it working, and fiinally hams have to help.

>Because the payloads on board only had a planned useful life of a few 
>we suggested running an extra wire from the U band uplink into the S band
>downlink - ie, making a bent pipe FM transponder. Not only that, but even 
>the OBC fails, this bent pipe function is autonomous and so can still
>operate :-) . AMSAT-UK also supplying a 38,400bps downlink on S band.

More pain in my eyes. A life time of a few weeks... How ESA can accept this 
Even when they are students, they must be able to get it working somehow. 
They should find sources to fix the problems, or ESA should help them. How 
these young engineers will fix these problems when they after graduating 
working at ESA ??? They will also ask hams ???
(Maybe ESA should be part of AMSAT hahahaha)

One thing is clear, with just international internet contacts you can not 
fix these RF problems.
There is hardware, time, and many (hardware) testing needed to make the RF 

>>Of course we would be happy to help out with further missions if asked. If
>SSETI can get amateurs who are students onto the projects as part of their
>course, that would be perfect.

Maybe it works better out, as the ham community is a much bigger source 
where they can get (cheap construction) information than only within their 
school/ESA (with expensive commercial solutions).

73 de PE1RAH,
William Leijenaar

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