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RE: rotator


How come you make it seem so SIMPLE?
Is that because it is?
It is surprising how many people get away using a J
Pole antenna for LEO's! Not to mention Mobile

It isn't rocket science, amd Bob, you have proven that
putting up your PCSAT!

73, Scott WA6LIE

--- Robert Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> wrote:

> > but I am using an Alliance on its side for
> elevation.  
> At the risk of repeating myself, (for any
> newcomers),
> remember that you do not need an elevation rotator 
> for any LEO satellite, and there are currently no
> that are not LEO.
> All LEO's are below 20 deg 67% of the time
> All LEO's are below 40 deg 90% of the time but 4 dB
> closer when above
> All LEO's are below 60 deg 98% of the time but 8 dB
> closer when above
> Thus a small 10dBi gain antenna pointed up about 10
> deg will give
> you almost a CONSTANT gain from THe horizon to
> And all existing LEO's can be heard easily with that
> 10 dB.  THus
> no need for elevation at all.  It only adds
> complexity, frustration
> and more to go wrong.
> de WB4APR, Bob
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