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RE: RE: SSETI in the news, well, sort of

Hi William

> Then I am also still woundering why there is no connection with Dutch
> amateur world. I am sure most of the hams in The Netherlands even have no
> idea of SSETI beeing build here haha...
> I think its also because of the little information given away in local
> amateur world, especially about the ham radio transponder. Somehow it
> to me as this is not the most interresting for them.
> On the AMSAT-UK I can find that it is a one channel FM MODE-U/S

SSETI projects, being part of ESA's educational arm, are primarily for
students. The AMSAT-UK involvement came because a chance meeting at an
international ARISS meeting at ESTEC in the Netherlands in May this year
(2004) where AMSAT-UK representatives happened to bump into some of ESTEC's
SSETI Express team.

The original SSETI Express project's S band team were experiencing
difficulties resourcing all of the S band requirements, and so AMSAT-UK
agreed to help out.

Because the payloads on board only had a planned useful life of a few weeks,
we suggested running an extra wire from the U band uplink into the S band
downlink - ie, making a bent pipe FM transponder. Not only that, but even if
the OBC fails, this bent pipe function is autonomous and so can still
operate :-) . AMSAT-UK also supplying a 38,400bps downlink on S band.

> Next time I like to present a lineair transponder :o)

You an me both, but we must remember that we (AMSAT-UK) are guests on board
SSETI Express, and SSETI projects are funded by ESA for educational
purposes, not for Hams to chat to each other!

Of course we would be happy to help out with further missions if asked. If
SSETI can get amateurs who are students onto the projects as part of their
course, that would be perfect.

> Better place them all on one base-satellite. It makes the object much
> bigger, and better to detect by radar. (less dangerous to future
> and vehicles) You also need no eject system, what is just death weight and
> lowers the satellites efficiencies. Its also better for improving contacts
> between payload builders.

The Sputnik 50 project will have all the 50 1kg satellites on a single

73 Howard G6LVB
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