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Re: RE: SSETI in the news, well, sort of

Hi William,
Thanks for your email concerning the SSETI programme and the SSETI Express satellite.
All the participants are University students and it is up to individual Universities to apply to have a team from their organisation included in the programme.
As you suggest there are few, if any, RF engineer courses these days - at least this gave  AMSAT-UK the opportunity to offer help in this area of expertise:)
ESA would  prefer to have students doing the RF parts as well so we are actively indentifying a suitable University with a suitable course which also have AMATEURS in place to act as MENTORS and to be able to maintain the opportunity for amateur payloads.
At least cubesats have a low mass and therefore their orbit decays really very quickly in comparison with micro and minisats.
Regarding a linear transponder - as you can guess this was also our first desire but the project needed an S band downlink facility so we did not have the opportunity this time around.
Our fingers are crossed for a good launch next summer
Graham Shirville G3VZV
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