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RE: SSETI in the news, well, sort of


I seen the information about the SSETI satellite project already some time 
Very interresting that it is done by students, and even in The 

Although I am wondering if there are any students from The Netherlands 
>From my school experience I know that schools in NL are not really 
interrested in such projects.
It would be a big supprise to me if they now participating. Maybe in 
programming, but on RF level it would supprise me more...

Then I am also still woundering why there is no connection with Dutch 
amateur world. I am sure most of the hams in The Netherlands even have no 
idea of SSETI beeing build here haha...
I think its also because of the little information given away in local 
amateur world, especially about the ham radio transponder. Somehow it sounds 
to me as this is not the most interresting for them.

On the AMSAT-UK I can find that it is a one channel FM MODE-U/S transponder. 
Next time I like to present a lineair transponder :o)

* The something about the cube-sats. I woundering how space will look like 
after several years with many of these small objects flying around. Please 
look at the following web-site to see how it looks already now:


Better place them all on one base-satellite. It makes the object much 
bigger, and better to detect by radar. (less dangerous to future satellites 
and vehicles) You also need no eject system, what is just death weight and 
lowers the satellites efficiencies. Its also better for improving contacts 
between payload builders.

Just some comments during my morning coffee,

73 de PE1RAH,

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