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RE: Antennas

Hi Bryant

> I'm slowly putting a satellite station together.  I'll use Eric Rawson's
> SatEL rotator system with a 6 foot boom..  I had intended to use two Arrow
> 2m/440 antennas but the Arrow people tell me that their antenna isn't
> intended for prolonged outdoor use.

I used two Arrows for a number of months very successfully outside.


Like night and day when compared to omni's.

> I've looked at the M2 2M5-440XP but it seems like that's overkill for my
> needs plus ~$400 for two is a bit more than I'd like to spend.  Anyone on
> the BB have any ideas short of building my own?

If you dare build your own, the WA5VJB cheap yagi's are excellent for
homebrew in my experience... http://www.clarc.org/Articles/uhf.htm,

Why? Easy to tune, made from bits from Home Depot, very tolerant. If you
only ever make one homebrew antenna, make one of these. These designs
restored my self confidence in homebrewing V/UHF antennas!

73, Howard G6LVB
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