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Re: Orbitron Pass Prediction Config

At 1:10 PM -0800 12/7/04, Matt Bennett wrote:
>  I found that the Orbitron software omits passes where the sun 
>elevation angle is less than -5 degrees.

It sounds like Orbitron is trying to predict only those passes where 
you have a chance to see the satellite visually in the sky. For that 
to happen, the sky needs to be dark and the satellite needs to be in 
the sun.

Note that you still won't see AO-51. It's too small.

>So, my question is this...why would I want to limit my prediction 
>scans to a sun elevation of less than -5 degrees if I still get an 
>illuminated pass?

My question is ... why would you care about getting an illuminated 
pass with AO-51? It has a working battery and operates just fine in 
the dark.

73  -Paul
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