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Orbitron Pass Prediction Config

Hello all,
I am currently using Orbitron as my pass prediction software. So far I've been very happy with it, but I've run into a question that I have not found an answer to.
Whenever I ran pass predictions for AO-51, the software never returned a prediction (my QTH is SOCAL, gridsquare DM13). Not convinced, I ran a simulation and found that AO-51 does in fact pass over my location (duh) and that it does pass during an illumination period. When I analyzed other pass data and software configuration, I found that the Orbitron software omits passes where the sun elevation angle is less than -5 degrees. The strange thing is, even when the sun elevation during an AO-51 pass is greater than -5 degrees, it still receives the same magnitude of illumination as those passes of less than -5 degrees!
So, my question is this...why would I want to limit my prediction scans to a sun elevation of less than -5 degrees if I still get an illuminated pass?
Thanks for the help!
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