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Date sent:      	Tue, 07 Dec 2004 15:01:25 +0000
From:           	Jerry Pixton <jpixton@shentel.net>
Subject:        	[amsat-bb] LOTW?
To:             	amsat-bb@amsat.org

> Good Morning,
> Am I doing something wrong?  LOTW still does not seem to recognize AO-51 or ISS
> as Satellite Names??????


I did a quick look at the Trusted QSL valid entry config file. Here is what it 
has for Satellites. You are correct, AO-51 is not there and the ISS is not 
there. I am going to send an email to the people at the ARRL that are 
responsible for this and find out if they will allow us to make an entry for 
each of the satellites in the file or if they have an update. I will let the 
list know as soon as they get back to me. 


- <satellites>
  <satellite name="AO-10" startDate="1983-06-06">AMSAT-OSCAR 10</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-13" startDate="1988-06-15" endDate="1996-12-07">AMSAT-
OSCAR 13</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-16" startDate="1990-01-22">AMSAT-OSCAR 16</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-21" startDate="1991-01-29" endDate="1994-09-16">OSCAR 
  <satellite name="AO-27" startDate="1993-09-26">AMRAD-OSCAR 27</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-3" startDate="1965-03-18" endDate="1965-03-27">AMSAT-
OSCAR 3</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-4" startDate="1965-12-21" endDate="1966-03-16">AMSAT-
OSCAR 4</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-40" startDate="2000-11-16">AMSAT-OSCAR 40</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-6" startDate="1972-10-15" endDate="1977-06-21">AMSAT-
OSCAR 6</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-7" startDate="1974-11-15">AMSAT-OSCAR 7</satellite> 
  <satellite name="AO-8" startDate="1978-03-15" endDate="1983-06-24">AMSAT-
OSCAR 8</satellite> 
  <satellite name="Arsene" startDate="1993-05-13" endDate="1993-09-10">OSCAR 
  <satellite name="FO-12" startDate="1986-08-12" endDate="1989-11-05">Fuji-
OSCAR 12</satellite> 
  <satellite name="FO-20" startDate="1990-02-07">Fuji-OSCAR 20</satellite> 
  <satellite name="FO-29" startDate="1996-07-17">Fuji-OSCAR 29</satellite> 
  <satellite name="LO-19" startDate="1990-01-22">Lusat-OSCAR 19</satellite> 
  <satellite name="NO-44" startDate="2001-09-30">Navy-OSCAR 44</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-1" startDate="1978-10-26" endDate="1979-02-01">Radio 
Sputnik 1</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-10" startDate="1987-06-23" endDate="2000-11-01">Radio 
Sputnik 10</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-11" startDate="1987-06-23" endDate="2000-11-01">Radio 
Sputnik 11</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-12" startDate="1991-02-05" endDate="2002-02-15">Radio 
Sputnik 12</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-13" startDate="1991-02-05" endDate="2002-02-15">Radio 
Sputnik 13</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-15" startDate="1994-12-16">Radio Sputnik 15</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-2" startDate="1978-10-26" endDate="1979-02-01">Radio 
Sputnik 2</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-5" startDate="1981-12-17" endDate="1987-05-10">Radio 
Sputnik 5</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-6" startDate="1981-12-17" endDate="1984-12-09">Radio 
Sputnik 6</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-7" startDate="1981-12-18" endDate="1987-06-01">Radio 
Sputnik 7</satellite> 
  <satellite name="RS-8" startDate="1981-12-17" endDate="1985-12-16">Radio 
Sputnik 8</satellite> 
  <satellite name="SO-35" startDate="1999-02-23" endDate="2001-06-10">Sunsat-
OSCAR 35</satellite> 
  <satellite name="SO-41" startDate="2000-09-26">Saudi-OSCAR 41</satellite> 
  <satellite name="SO-50" startDate="2002-12-20">Saudi-OSCAR 50</satellite> 
  <satellite name="UO-14" startDate="1990-01-22">UOSAT-OSCAR 14</satellite> 

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