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Re: Illegal use of Oscar Band So. Cal.

Scott Avery WA6LIE wrote:
  > What we did was NOT vigilante style, we just confronted him giving
  > him 2 choices.  He chose to deal with us rather than the FCC. (we
  > had no guns and made no threats)
  > If he had not given up his radio at the time, all our evidence would be
  > used by the FCC.  (he knew he was busted)
  > I hope this clarifies the situation.

It does indeed Scott.  You and your group gathered evidence that he
obviously couldn't refute and in the end you got the desired result of
him being off the airwaves.  Sounds as if it was also handled in a
straightforward but gentlemanly way.  GREAT JOB!!  
73 //Gary -K8KFJ-  
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