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Re: Illegal use of Oscar Band So. Cal.

Scott Avery WA6LIE <wa6lie@msn.com> wrote:
  > (PS the FCC is not very responsive to complaints. Us HAMS had to
  > take other measures to shut down illegal stations)
  > SAD.. But TRUE  :(
Depends on what your definition of "other measures" is Scott.
If the amateurs felt they had to resort to become vigilantes, I hardly
think that's in the ham spirit of things (whereas they become just
as lawless in their actions as the perpetrators).  Perhaps you will
clarify your statement with regard to "other measures".  Hopefully,
they didn't engage in any unlawful acts themselves in shutting down
the illegal stations.
I just don't wish Sat Ops on this list to think that we foster unlawful
activity in order to pursue our hobby.
73, Gary -K8KFJ-
AMSAT #32574
Sat VUCC #125
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