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Re: IC910H Digital

Hi Bruce,

try to reduce the outputlevel of your TNC. When exeeding 0.5V pp the
limiter of the 910
stops modulation. At this time the TX indicator`s brightness fades.
See the hint in the 910-handbook, page 52, upper right side,
(Operation notes for 9600 bps)

I hope this will help.

73, Gerd, DL8DR

>    For those hams using a IC910H with either a Symek TNC3S or TNC31S 96k
> TNC. With 910 set to 9600 TX and using Wisp, the TNC  keys the 910 to TX
> main band. Problem I'am having is TX transmitt indicator
> goes from yellow to blank with no red indicator TX  occurring. If I set
> to 9600 off the red TX indicator works fine. Problem with that is I've
> been able to connect to either AO-51 or GO-32 BBS for up loading.
>   Any hams experienced the same thing.
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