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Experimental Antenna

I built a Quadrafillar helix, 3/4 wave 3/4 turn 2.3 " dia by 15" long. I was
able to hear AO-51 and FO 29 tomight. The Preamp is Home Brew and The
squelch breaks at .05 uV and full quiteing @ .15 uV. The antenna is located
150' from the shack. I was able to hear myself as well as another QSO on
FO-20. I made two contacts on AO-51 As this antenna is an omni and I was
using a 5/8 wave omni 2M antenna for transmitt, no pointing of antennas was
necessary. Next step is to build one of the oppsite rotation and add relay
for switching. Northern parts of the passes were quite good, suspect the
other polarity may help on the Southern side. It will be a week or more
before I have the second antenna built.

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