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Re: 70cm Transverter project

Message text written by David Carr
>Hi all,

>I'm looking for a 70cm transverter project.  I realize that DEM and 
>DB6NT sell these but I think that I'd like to build it myself (a kit 
>might be okay).  Is anyone aware of something like this out there?  
>Something not too expensive would be nice.

>Also, does anyone have any comments on "A high performance easy to build 
>432MHz transverter" from the Aug. 1991 QST?

>David Carr
Hi, Dave:
        Comments on the 1991 432 transverter article? Yup. (I wrote it.)
Over the years, I've actually had several people come up to me out of
the blue and say that they actually built it, and it works.
I've built several and still have and use mine (lots of hours on it, too),
well as 2M and 220MHz versions. The 2M version has served as the final
IF interface to a Drake R4/T4XB setup for transverters up through 13cm. 
Lots of satellite ops on those rigs.
        If I were doing it again, I would pay more attention to the design
of the 
70cm filters; those were done before I had the ability to do swept
throughput and return loss measurements and I did find out that they were 
really tuned to one side of a broad "double humped" response curve. Such a
characteristic is impossible to find without swept reponse techniques. 
But, the 
bottom line is that even in published form, they do work and the design is 
stable, reproduceable and inexpensive. And you can make it run without 
much in the way of test equipment. 

73 and Have fun,

Ed Krome K9EK (ex-KA9LNV)
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