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Occultation of Jupiter - early AM Dec 7

A rare and spectacular event will occur in the early morning hours of Tuesday,
Dec. 7 when the brilliant planet Jupiter and three of its largest satellites
pass behind Earth's Moon.

Astronomers refer to this phenomenon as an "occultation," taken from the Latin
occultare, which means “to conceal.” This eye-catching sight will be visible
in complete darkness across all of eastern and much of central North America.

A most interesting sight will be seen from a 37-mile-wide strip centered from
roughly Marfa to Matagorda in Texas, then continuing east across the Gulf of
Mexico to Key West, Florida.  (San Antonio, TX is a very good location for
this viewing).   Within this zone the Moon’s mountainous edge will be
silhouetted against Jupiter for several minutes, but the planet will never be
completely covered.  The graze will take place near the crescent Moon’s
southern cusp.


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