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Re: Question about interaction between separate rigs...

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Question about interaction between separate rigs...

> Jim, Al, Domenico --
> Thanks all, for your suggestions.  I've been taking a hard look at the
schematics for my FT-290RII; I don't have one for the -790, unfortunately.
So far, I've not been able to determine from the set I do have what the IF
freqs are for the 2M receive function.


I have both the 290RII and 790RII. I use both for Uwave IF rigs at 10/24/47
GHz. From the specifications, the 290 IF's are:
SSB/CW: Single conversion
FM: Double conversion
1st IF 13.9885 MHz
2nd IF 455 kHz (FM)

For the 790,
SSB/CW: Double conversion
FM: Triple conversion
54.5 MHz, 13.9885 MHz
455 kHz (FM)

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