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Re: Question about interaction between separate rigs...

Jim, Al, Domenico --

Thanks all, for your suggestions.  I've been taking a hard look at the schematics for my FT-290RII; I don't have one for the -790, unfortunately.  So far, I've not been able to determine from the set I do have what the IF freqs are for the 2M receive function.

I'm going to go home this evening and try plugging the hole drilled into the case by the -790RII's previous owner by putting in a sheet metal screw to rule out compromised shielding as a cause.

What I can't figure out is if the problem is related to the IFs present in the radios, why would Yaesu design two radios obviously meant to be in close proximity (the -690RII, -290RII and -790RII models are siblings) with such potential problems?  It makes me think that there is a fault somewhere, that the issue isn't natural.

My feedlines are identical for the two rigs: 6' sections of what I think is mini-8 or RG-58 from Cable Experts with BNCs on both ends.  Could the lengths be causing this trouble?

However this all turns out, thanks for the advice.
73, Ray KA8SYX
Big Pine Key, FL
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