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Re: Phase 3 Express frequencies

Hello David,

Tuesday, November 23, 2004, 9:11:48 AM, you wrote:

> I want to order a batch of crystals for 2.4GHz signal sources and thought
> a frequency near to P3E would be appropriate.
> However, the .pdf from 04/2003 on the Amsat-DL web site refuses to download
> onto my PC. (The other files are all OK)
> Can anyone tell me the frequency of the S-Band downlink for P3E please?

> Regards

> David  G0MRF      g0mrf@aol.com
 I don't know what you tried to download without success. I'm webmaster of
 the Amsat-Dl website and are eager to find out any fault. Please let me
 know the url of the page you tried.
 Frequency information of P3E you'll find on
 However, these frequencies are not yet fixed.

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