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RE: AMSAT Journal - REPLY -

On 3 Nov 2004 at 17:42, Gunther Meisse wrote:

> The members selected were randomly selected from our membership rolls. If a
> significant number of our members are not active bird users, that within
> itself is a significant finding. 

This means they probably are waiting for the next HEO or they sit and at look at the parade paying their 
How this significant number can send more $$$ for satellite projects if they are not active? Its a catch 22 
question. They are paying to maintained AMSAT alive but will they be interrested in a construction fee added 
to their membership fee to help them maintaining their satellite non user status?

I just get my journal and just begin to read it. Did anyone can tell me wich bar graph is for the membership 
and for the control group at page 14? 

Probably i'm ahead of the crowd in my reading:)

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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Quebec AMSAT coordinator
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