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Re: APRS on expedition?

>>> wolf.hoeller@gmx.net 10/30/04 6:02:46 PM >>>
>>I'm trying to find a solution to put APRS on an expedition 
>>to Franz-Josefs-Land - b... to track them on findu.com or...
>>via PCSat NO-44, [or other amateur satellite]...

>Better to set it to uplink via the ISS digipeater listening on
>144.99.   Tracking special expeditions like that so that
>kids and schools can follow this special event is exactly the
>kind of application that is ideal for the ISS digipeater.

Bob, better look at the orbit for ISS. I don't think it goes to Franz-Josef Land, ever.! Way too far North.
Even if it did, who would be also in the footprint to gate it to the internet? Better (meaning possible) to teach them how to use store and forward on AO-51 or GO-32. That latitude they'll get dozens of chances a day.

73, Drew KO4MA
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