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RE: New satellites need pizza

Do anchovies really make a difference? - The sodium chloride contained
enhances the coupling to ground

Are green or black olives more effective? - Black olives retain more
heat but green olives last longer.

Is sauerkraut the secret AMSAT-DL pizza topping - This is a common
misconception.  Sauerkraut should NEVER be used on a pizza

Who needs toppings - what is the proper ratio of tomato sauce and
cheese? - The most efficient ratio is 1 part tomato sauce to 2 parts

New York style (thin) or Chicago style (pan)? - This depends on the type
of satellite being built.  The thin style is more suited to so-called
EZ/FM/BLEEP sats, since it is less full-bodied.  The Chicago style is
the preferred crust for pass-band transponder birds.  It tends to be
more filling and will support more ingredients.
Which liquid refreshment goes best with the pizza consumption? - The
definitive liquid refreshment is Budweiser, kept at or near STP.

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO
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