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RE: New satellites need pizza

Graham -

What a critical break through for small satellite building !

We could investigate and test which specific toppings are critical to
successful building and on-orbit operations.  This testing could answer these
critical questions:

Do anchovies really make a difference?
Are green or black olives more effective?
Is sauerkraut the secret AMSAT-DL pizza topping
Who needs toppings - what is the proper ratio of tomato sauce and cheese?
New York style (thin) or Chicago style (pan)?
Which liquid refreshment goes best with the pizza consumption?

The results could be presented at the next Colloquium or Symposium, with a
demonstration or presentation of the ideal toppings.

Happy Halloween
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 23:31:53 +0100
From: "Graham Shirville"
Subject: [amsat-bb] Its official - new satellites need pizzas

I was struck by the similarity of these two pictures presently available on
the web.
The first one shows the AMSAT Oscar Echo (AO51) team at the end of a hectic
day assembling the satellite before launch earlier this year


This one has just appeared on the SEA SETA Express website. This was taken
after part of the team had finished a hectic day working on the structure in
the clean


Hopefully SETA Express will be as good a signal on 2.GHz as AGO is proving
to be.

Cheers !

Graham G3VZV
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