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Re: NO-44 (PCSAT) over West Malaysia

Yes, PCsat is alive and well.  I am seeing about 60 users a
day worldwide on http://pcsat.aprs.org

>>> "Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)" <9w2qc@9w2qc.net> 10/28/04 5:54:22 AM
>I noticed  NO-44 was passing over around 1726 UTC...
>I tuned to the downlink...145.827 +/- Doppler and what a surprise
>to me, this bird was coming in all the while between S8 - S9 
>till elevations as low as 8 degrees.
>Fm PCSAT-1 To BEACON Via SGATE <UI pid=F0 Len=42 >[17:28:21]
>Fm PCSAT-1 To BEACON Via SGATE <UI pid=F0 Len=42 >[17:30:21]

There are 4 telemetry frames based on the ,01XX,1 bytes.  The ,0100,1
one above has an interesting value of 117 which is the solar current
from the best solar panel on the bird.  When it is illuminated well,
NO-44 digipeater will always work even during bad days.  But for the
last week and a half PCsast has been in full sun and is fully
everywhere in its orbit...

> Also tried to uplink two packets to APRS via PCSAT-1 
>and APRS via W3ADO-1 but was not successful. 

That should have worked.  We have people hitting it with
just HT's.  But it depends on QRM.  If your footprint
includes areas like indonesia and others where illegal operation
jams the uplink, then that might be why you didint get a digipeat.

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