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NO-44 (PCSAT) over West Malaysia

Hello All,

Today, I got back to the shack around 1715 UTC and checked out NOVA.  I
noticed that NO-44 was passing over around 1726 UTC so decided to give it a

I tuned to the downlink frequency at 145.827 +/- Doppler and what a surprise
to me, this bird was coming in all the while between S8 - S9 till elevations
as low as 8 degrees.

The following was copied off NO-44:

Fm PCSAT-1 To BEACON Via SGATE <UI pid=F0 Len=42 >[17:28:21]

Fm PCSAT-1 To BEACON Via SGATE <UI pid=F0 Len=42 >[17:30:21]

I have no idea what this telemetry means.  Does anyone have more info on
this?  Also tried to uplink two packets to APRS via PCSAT-1 and APRS via
W3ADO-1 but was not successful.  Anyone knows the latest paths?

Congratulations to the control team for recovering such a beautiful
satellite.  In fact, this was one of the first satellites that I managed to
copy with only my Kenwood TH-D7E handheld and the stock antenna. Keep up the
good work!

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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