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More KLM Multi-2700 questions and information.

I have recently acquired a KLM-Multi-2700.  Note it has FDK Multi-2700 on
the rear.  It is serial #08072.  Upon acquiring it I found a few problems.
However, information on the internet is less than sparse.  So I started
e-mailing anyone who even mentioned they had owned one or do own one and
here on the AMSAT BB.  I was then able to gain more information.

The radio and pictures can be seen at:  http://n4wyk.com/klm  or

It appears this radio was one of the first satellite radios.  It is not the
easiest to use on satellites but it is rather unique.  It is really designed
for Mode A.  2M USB up and 10M USB down.  I found the 10M side does receive.
All modes work well on The 2 M side except FM simplex and FM VFO.  It does
hear and seems to oscillate as you can hear it in a radio close by.
However, no power output.  Odd to say the least but maybe something simple
if I can decipher the schematics or find someone else to. Thanks to W9NET I
was able to acquire a schematic and KB7ADL for an operators manual.  Also
thanks goes out to W1EU for his help and information.  I still may order the
service manual unless I can find one in typical ham fashion.

Upon investigation of the radio I found it had a N connector on the rear in
addition to the 2M SO-239 and the 10M SO-239. Most folks thought I was crazy
but it was there as you can see in the picture.  It was installed next to
the 10m SO-239 with a toggle switch. See pictures on the webpage.

Upon looking inside I discovered a box in the space where a preamp was to go
per the operators manual.  However, I have discovered it is not a preamp.
After tracing the toggle switch with wires attached I find they went to this
box in the preamp empty space, the toggle switch and the din plug for the
10M converter.  Ultimately I discovered it is a 432 converter.  The Toggle
switch allows me to switch between 10 M RX and 432 RX.  Now depending on the
frequency 440 frequency you are tuning you may need the digital readout or
the VFO portion.  Appears the 432 converter is inverting so the VFO goes
lower than the digital readout portion.  My ultimate question is DID KLM
MAKE A 440 CONVERTER?  The converter box has a KLM sticker on it.  The
inside boards appear to be printed circuit boards. There is no way to take
it apart short of a large soldering iron.  There are also holes in the side
which I assume are to make adjustments. I have no idea what purpose they
serve at this time.

Does ANYONE have a clue!?!?  Was a 432 converter made? Who made this one if
not? Just curious!!!!!  Yes I sent e-mail to an associate of Mike Stahl's at
M2 Antennas but no response yet.  I have no e-mail address for Mike. Appears
he is the "M" in "KLM".

Tnx & 73,

Rick Tilton
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