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DX wishlist, revisited

Hi guys,
I know there are a lot of operators out there in the same boat as I am, 
having 80 or 90 DXCC countries confirmed and no HEO to finish the quest! My 
QTH in Florida gives me a good window into the Caribbean where there are 
lots of new ones to be had. Other QTHs have the same chances for the most 
part, just shorter time to do it in. So, I have made a short list of what 
countries I personally need, and can work on LEOs. Feel free to chime in 
with your own needs if there is one I omitted. Your mileage may vary, but it 
is something to keep busy with before P3E goes up.

If you know a ham who lives or is planning on visiting one of these 
countries, ask them if they would be interested in making some satellite 
contacts. Myself and others may be able to provide help with pass times, 
licensing info, or possibly equipment loans. Of special interest are 
DXpeditions.Many of these places are served by cruise lines, and many have 
reciprocal agreements with US hams.

Please reply direct.

73, and thanks for the help!,
Drew KO4MA (82 confirmed, 88 worked)

The List:
C6A    Bahamas
VP5    Turks and Caicos
KG4    Guantanamo Bay
HH     Haiti
VP2V    British Virgin Islands
FS    French St. Martin
V2A    Antigua
VP2M    Montserrat
J3    Grenada
J6    St. Lucia
J7    Dominica
J8    St. Vincent
8P6    Barbados
HK0    San Andres
YV0    Aves Island
YS    El Salvador
YN    Nicaragua
TI9    Cocos Island
FO    Clipperton Island
XF4    Revilla Gigedo Island
D4    Cape Verde Islands
8R1    Guyana
PZ    Suriname
OA    Peru
CP    Bolivia
ZP    Paraguay
CY0    Sable Island
CY9    St. Paul Island
FP    St Pierre
4U1UN    United Nations New York
OX    Greenland
GI    Northern Ireland
GU    Guernsey
GD    Isle of Mann
OY    Faroe Islands
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