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mode L antenna

I am having terrific results with a Downeast Microwave 45 element loop yagi..
10 watts out of my TS-2000X into 80 feet of 7/8 hardline and 20 feet of
Aircomm ( rotor loop ) seems to work very well on AO-51.. not sure what my ERP
is, and I doubt it would have been enough for AO-40.
One hint passed on from N1JEZ, if you mount it upside-down ( to keep the birds
from cruching the loops when they roost on them ) seal the semirigid coax feed
from the N connector with some type of sealant. I used some automotive goop I
had kicking around. Otherwise, it's a good place for water to settle into, and
that's bad! Good luck, and see you on AO-51 mode L/S some day!
73 de WE1U
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