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[Fwd: Bell 202 modem]

WOW!  What a great response. A dozen replies and every one germane.

Just to fill you in on the need, in the rush to complete our first 
satellite, MREOPE, the modem for
our ground station fell in a hole. We have only a breadboard and the 
source for its chip has
dried up. Several modems are needed for such things as backup command 
stations (read N7UB).
I will recommend a redundant solution in  hardware and software which 
you so kindly
suggested. Many, many thanks to all.

Downlink frequency, telemetry decoding, etc., will be open sourced here 
as soon as we're launched.
Launch now expected in March, 2005. If you'd like to know more about 
MEROPE, try this link:

73 and many thanks again,
de N7UB, Al

Hello All,

Does anyone have any idea how I can emulate an ancient Bell 202 modem?
Mark=1200 Hz, Space=2200 Hz, 1200 baud. Anyone have hardware in
their junk box or know of a soundcard/software solution? This is for a
cube sat project.

Replies off list would be fine. Thanks in advance.

73 de N7UB, Al
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