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UO-11 QRV?

The VHF beacon has just switched ON, after 10 days of silence, although
the S-band should have been transmitting continuously.  The telemetry
indicates that the S-beacon is working normally.

The magnetometers indicate that the satellite is rotating with a strange
motion, and that the antennas are pointing in the reverse direction to
normal.  This may or may not affect the signals, as much of the
radiation comes of the side of the antenna.  Reports received so far are

The signal is very weak, and the receiver needs to be in SSB or CW mode.
It's best to fix the antenna position for 20 - 30 degree elevation, and
concentrate on tuning the RX.  The doppler has to be heard to be
believed! You should be able to hear the satellite approaching, then
reposition the antenna's azimuth, to hear it as it goes away.


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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