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Support for P3E and Eagle

I think a valid point has been missed by all involved.  AMSAT-DL has not
asked for any assistance other than financial assistance for the P3E
project.  They have not asked for man-power that is currently being used
for the Eagle project and they have not asked for any parts or pieces.
They have that all worked out.  They have asked for some financial
assistance in which AMSAT-NA is currently working on setting up a
special fund to help P3E.

Now, the Eagle project is saying the same thing.  They have the people
in place and are currently working towards the end product.  They are
currently asking for financial support.  These two projects are not
sharing any resources that could be used on the other.

Here is the kicker.  These projects have projected launch windows that
need to be made.  If financial support for either doesn't happen, then
they will not be ready by the launch window dates and may have to wait a
SIGNIFICANTLY longer period of time to be launched which means that we
as the customers will not have the satellites up there to operate on.
So, if you want to loose out on having another HEO up in space, then
don't support Eagle or don't support P3E.  But, if you are like me and
want to have HEOs and LEOs up there, put your money where your mouth is
and support BOTH projects now.  Eagle cannot wait for funds just to have
P3E launched first.  


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