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Dead Drake


The part number of the transistor is 2SC3357 which is in a standard SOT-89 
package.  You could also use a BFQ19 as a close substitute.  These 
transistors can be removed without damage if you have two soldering irons, or 
alternatively with a small localised heat source such as a gas soldering iron 
with a hot air tip or a 'Microtherm' type hot air tool - easily available in 
the UK, so I would have thought that you could get them in the USA.  Not a 
job for the novice but certainly within the capabilities of more experienced 

A standard hot air gun used for stripping paint or for use on heat shrink 
tubing is probably too aggressive for a small electronics job and may cause 
damage, but if you have a spare Drake for spares then you could try using one 
of these heat tools as a last resort.  There are 3 similar transistors on the 
Drake PCB, any of which can be used as a replacement for your damaged 

Hope this helps.

Grant Hodgson

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