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Re suitsat

Hello Ed.

Ooops too late for a secret!  Details are on the amsat web site:

Actually, is it just me or does hurling an old russian space suit out of the ISS ( presumably the suit is not covered in solar cells) tend to send the wrong message about amateur radio to agencies who are trying to clean up earth orbits?
I know it's an all too rare opportunity, but surely there are projects which would enhance our collective reputation.
For example. I realise that anything with combustable propulsion would never be let anywhere near the ISS or shuttle, lbut there are great ideas out there, like Tom clark's electrolysis of water propulsion system. OK, it's slow! but what a great idea. With modern day low mass pico-sats it stands a good chance.


David  G0MRF


Message: 6
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:05:26 +0100
From: "Ed Long" <wa4swj@hotmail.com>
Subject: [amsat-bb] Next AMSAT Journal

OK guys and gals,

Just a teaser -

The next issue of The AMSAT Journal has some discussion about a "SuitSat".
Want to hazard a guess as to what that is? You'll find the answer in the next
Journal, which should be in your hands in early December assuming the Post
Office doesn't slow it down during the holiday rush.

AMSAT Symposium attendees please keep the secret!

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