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RE: HEO Satellite Projects

Joe -

I don't have hard numbers for the first question, so I'll defer that one to
those who have a better idea rather than give what may prove to be
inaccurate information.  The only thing I can offer from the Eagle design
meeting was that there are opportunities for launches paid for by the US
government if the spacecraft will conduct some science that they would finde

The target launch date is some time in 2009.  Regarding your comment that
follows this, I have two things to say:
1.  None of us can be certain how long we will live.
2.  There were amateur satellites available on orbit when I joined AMSAT and
I would like to to see at least as many there as a legacy when I depart.

73, Ken N2WWD

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I do appriciate your open mind, regarding this topic.  I completely agree
that both are worthy projects,
and need to move forward, however, I just recall the delays with AO40, the
constant apealls for more
and more money. Earlier today,  I ask two questions:

1.  How much money (estimate) are we looking at to launch Eagle, following
it's construction?
2.  What is the best estimate of when it might be launched?

Idealy, I would like to see a matrix that compaires the two satellite,
projects side by side, including the metrics
above, that will help the members to decide when and how much to contribute
to each project.

I have friends that may not be around to see Eagle launched, I maintain that
we should focus on the HEO project,
that has the best opportunity to launch the earliest, and then focus on the
I realize that this isn't quite as ambitious a project as P3D, so hopefully,
we won't have as many delays.
The LEO FM projects are OK, and have their place, but I don't think that
marketing to the HT crowd is going
to deliver the core, long term membership necessary to keep AMSAT going.

My dos centavos,
- Joe, K7ZT

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