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HEO Satellite Projects

I think that both P3E and Eagle are worthwhile programs and should be
supported by those who enjoy the HEO satellites.

If we consider nothing else, we should bear in mind that the only
certainties with spaceflight are that there are significant uncertainties
and risk -- i.e., nothing is a "sure thing."  I can understand why some
would focus on P3E as a critical near-term objective, but I'm concerned that
if we all focus too much in one area, we run the risk of becoming
short-sighted.  Unfortunately AO-40 -- a project I have no personal regrets
about -- realized our worst fears of putting all our eggs in one basket.
But this also was a launch opportunity that I think we would have been
foolish to pass up.

It is my sincere hope that both P3E and Eagle spacecraft fly, function well,
and provide the kind of satellite DX we had when AO-10 and AO-13 were
simultaneously operational.  Afterward, follow that up with a third HEO
spacecraft as is AMSAT's objective.

With all that said, I offer my humble opinion on the best way to get there:

For me that means supporting both projects.  Perhaps if we added a P3E
tracking thermometer on the AMSAT-NA site, we could follow the fund raising
versus schedule for both programs and balance our contributions accordingly.
While I hate to suggest extra work for somebody (sorry Emily), such a tool
may help people to better see the status of both projects.

I have not as yet made a monetary contribution to P3E, but at this year's
Symposium I heard Robin Haighton, VE3FRH say that AMSAT-NA will be setting
up a fund that would allow US contributions to be tax-deductible.  (To me
that means I can afford to give a bigger contribution.)  I haven't found a
link to this on our Web site, but would be happy if somebody could can point
this out to me.  If this fund has been established, but contributions
require a phone call or a check mailed to Martha at this time, I would
appreciate that information as well.

While I will contribute to P3E, I will not do so to the exclusion of Eagle
or to make Eagle wait until after all of P3E's needs are satisfied. Thus I
will do my best to help out both projects as best I can, giving due
consideration to each project's unique needs.

73, Ken Ernandes N2WWD
AMSAT #27516
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