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dead Drake

  I had the unfortunate experience of transmitting (toooo long!)into my 
trusty old Drake downconverter this AM. The old duck has been with me for 
many years. Anyway I am fortunate enough to have a couple of spares. A 3731 
which I put up for the next pass, and a spare un-modded Drake, I took the 
Drake apart and found the bad component, a (what looks to me like a 
transistor) labeled RE 1X. It is the second one labeled RE 1X in line from 
the 2m side of the Drake. The component in question has 3 legs on one side, 
but the center leg extends to the other side of the component and also 
widens acting like a heat sink I guess. Anyway this makes it very difficult 
to de-solder one to borrow from the un-modded Drake. I broke one trying to 
remove it to reuse. Does anyone know the actual part number, and a possible 
source? I don't mind buying 10 or so, as I need 2 already. Thanks in advance 
for any info.

73 Jeff kb2m 
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