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Question on KLM Multi-2700

Hello All,

I have seen mention of the KLM Multi-2700 in the past and I acquired one
recently for nostalgia as much as anything.  On the back it has FDK
Multi-2700 and KLM Multi-2700 on the front but I understand that is not
uncommon. I have even e-mailed a few on the list with various questions.  I
also have searched the internet with VERY limited success.  Does anyone know
if this was considered one of the first "Satellite Radios" since it has the
OSCAR button, etc???

Also does anyone have a schematic for this radio? Yes I know they sell a
service manual and I may have to resort to that yet.  But in typical Ham
fashion I'm trying to seek one elsewhere.  However, this radio has a few odd
things about it I don't understand. On the back it has an extra N connector
beside the 10m connector.  According to the manual there was an optional
Preamp for this radio but no details on it.  From looking at the inside of
the radio it appears this N connector runs to the preamp and possibly to the
2m side.  There is also a toggle switch to cut it on and off on the back of
the radio.  Does ANYONE know what this is about. I've connected antenna to
it with no success.  Nothing is to be heard with the toggle switch in either
position. Maybe component in pream blown? Be nice to have schematic for it

All seems to work well except I have no output on 2m FM simplex.  2m SSB
works fine.  Repeater operation works fine.  10m Rx works fine. VFO works
fine. Oscar mode seems to work fine. Just NO FM output on simplex.  Guess
I'll go to the FT-847 for simplex for now. Hi.

In the block diagram there is a FM board of sorts and it mentions simplex on
it(Sorry don't have operators manual with me at the moment). In this section
there is a place for five crystals.  I have 3 crystals installed. The freq's
on the crystals were 16.900, 16.300 and I forgot the other one? I am not
sure what they do and if they are good or what. No idea of what freq they
mix with to produce what?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Please reply direct off list
unless you feel others would benefit.

Thanks & 73,

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