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Interrest in linear transponder(s) ?


I have almost ready a 21MHz + 435MHz to 146MHz transponder design.
It still takes a lot of work but I already like to poll around for any way 
to get it in space, as piggy-back. The made the design easy to duplicate, or 
to change into other up/dwn-links freq :o)

I take 21MHz for uplink to support the less rich/modern countries, that have 
no acces to 435MHz TX, or may not work on these bands (like some Asian 
The 435MHz uplink is for the rest of the world...

2m downlink I choose, because this can easy be down-converted to HF bands 
for less rich/modern countries (they can use their HF equipment without the 
need of extra 2m/70cm ssb trx), and is no problem in the rest of the world 
where 2m ssb trx is no problem to get.

I hope this will make satellite interrest more in the whole world, as I find 
out this is not with the higher frequency satellites.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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